Welcome to South Dakota!

We made it!At the South Dakota signSo Dak!

We arrived in Sioux Falls on Thursday, June 19th about 4:30pm.  As we drove into town, it started sinking in that we were a long way from home.  We already miss our families and friends, but we are meeting people and enjoying it immensely.  


Sun Room
CupsKill CountWe are living with Mike and Sue McComber right now.  They are the founders and directors of the Firehouse, and truly amazing and annointed people.  Here are some photos of their home, and evidences of our community living.  The sun room has been used for many meals, and study times, the cups are re-used frequently, the kill count stands proudly on the fridge.  The ladies think the practice is sick, but a person can only take so much destruction of a garden!

Firehouse BannerCoffeebarCoffeebar 2StageMegan w/ popcornEvery night many people come in off the streets to get a bag of free popcorn and share a cup of coffee.  Many people play games and visit, but all are greeted with love and a smile.  In the few days that we’ve been here, God is showing us what it means to love.  In the past 2 days, I’ve spent 5+ hours sitting and talking with men struggling with schizophrenia.  All people are created in God’s image and need love.  I’ve learned a lot about the depth of my own need for God as I listen to the broken.  Prayer Room SignPrayer RoomWe’ve spent quite a bit of time in the prayer room already.  We are learning what it means to “wait upon the Lord.”  Megan and I are stepping out a little, and trying to play drums, piano and singing!  We’ve been singing scripture and singing to Jesus.  Pretty fun.


We found a bike path that goes all around the city of Sioux Falls.  Megan has been running 5 miles a day on it!  It is very beautiful.  We miss the mountains already, but everything here is so green.  It’s wonderful.  


As we are learning our roles here, we’ve cooked meals, prayed with homeless men, looked for housing, gone rollerblading, laughed, and cried.  We will have many more stories to come, and will share them soon.  Thanks for sharing this journey with us.  We love you!!  Grace and Peace,

Nate & Megan

PS–Before we left town, Megan and I took senior portraits again.  Hope you enjoy them…



6 Responses to Welcome to South Dakota!

  1. graceunbound says:

    You popped up because I have Sioux Falls as one of my tags, just in case you are wondering how some stranger found your very first blog post. So let me officially welcome you to Sioux Falls! If you pop over to my blog you’ll see me pining for the mountains too a few posts back, and I’ve lived here for 4 years now. I’m learning to appreciate the beauty that is South Dakota, but boy, I do miss the mountains!

  2. Dave & Morgan says:

    Sorry we couldn’t connect before you left – we sincerely apologize. Wow – so neat to hear about the journey you are starting on. What an amazing ministry and so excited to hear more about learn and experience – especially the community living as it is one thing that has been dearly missed by us since we got back. We truly were created for dependence on one another (contrary to America’s emphasis on independence!). Thanks for trusting the Lord, stepping out in Faith, Being obedient, truthful, and vulnerability – it’s inspiring! Love you guys,
    the Hansow familly

  3. maiolo says:

    I am so happy to be able to hear about you two and this new adventure via your blog! Keep posting. It seems like there is so much going on for you two right now, but I will say that I was so excited to hear that you are running Megan! How is your knee doing? Make sure you guys are taking care of yourselves really well, especially if you are having conversations with significantly mentally ill people (Nate!)- I know what that is like. I hope you adjust to your new home soon, and find a community of friends. Take care and keep posting, Cara

  4. Regina says:

    You both are so freaking cute! I can’t even explain how much I miss you guys!! I’m glad you set up the blog to keep me posted on pictures and how you guys are doing 🙂 I’m glad you guys are having fun and getting to the experience the things you wanted……now come back!

  5. Kajsa says:

    Ooooh Nate and Meg!!

    Your senior pcitures just made my day! 🙂

    We miss you very very much!

  6. Lana says:

    Hey friends, I just read all your blogs (back to front) and I got chills… this is where you are suppose to be. I miss you guys like crazy but will see each other soon. I LOVE the senior pictures, I laughed out loud. Meg I will call you soon.
    Love you

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