New Shoes

In the past few weeks, there have been many new and exciting things going on.  A few of these have to do with shoes!

New Running Shoes

New Running Shoes

These are my new running shoes.  The first week we were here, Megan and I discovered a trail that goes all the way around Sioux Falls.  It’s about a 20 mile trail, and is absolutely beautiful.  We’ve been running several days a week together, and are hoping to do a half marathon on Sept. 7th.  Here are some photos from the trail:

Sioux Falls Trail 1

Last week, Megan went on a 5-day mission trip to Rosebud Indian Reservation.  She spent her days tutoring students in reading, and math, as well as playing with the kids.  Each day included lessons from the Bible with the hope that the kids will know that the Lord loves them deeply.  

Here are Megan’s thoughts:  It was difficult seeing the living situations of these students.  Sadly, many of the kids said their favorite part of the camp was getting meals for the day.  I felt helpless seeing the condition that these kids lived in–what can I do here?  I’m reminded that it is the “small things” that count in life.  I found comfort in seeing the kids be kids for an afternoon and enjoy a good meal.  I am reminded of the similarities between Rosebud and the Firehouse–small conversations, and small acts of love go a long way.  

“We can do not great things, only small things with great love.  It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into doing it.”  Mother Teresa  

Here are some of the students she worked with:


I’ve been hanging out lately with a 47 year old man that struggles with schizophrenia.  His name is Denny, and is truly a precious man.  He told me he doesn’t hear “the voices” when he comes down to the Firehouse.  Last week, after playing a game of cards with him, Megan and I asked if we could pray for him, and asked if he had any requests.  In addition to the mental illness, he asked if we could pray for his feet.  Denny can’t drive and walks daily all over town.  We went back to the prayer room and prayed for these needs.  Two days later, Denny busted into the Firehouse with a huge smile on his face, and walked more uprightly.  He said, “the other night, after you prayed for me, I walked home and found a brand new pair of shoes on my porch!”  He threw away his old boots, and is walking around town, his feet feeling much better in a brand new pair of shoes!  I’m not sure who put those shoes there, but we rejoice that God heard our prayers, and is looking after Denny.


4th of July: 

We spent the 4th of July weekend as a staff at Lewis and Clark Reservoir near Yankton, SD.  It was beautiful!

Loni, Sue and Corey McComber

Loni, Sue and Corey McComber

New Shoes of Trust:

One of the main themes that we’ve talked about, wrestled with, and prayed for, is trust.  All of the things that we found comfort in previous to coming here(our home, our friends, our families, our jobs/incomes, our space, our time/schedule, etc.) has been stripped away.  We are walking in a new level of trust with the Lord by his grace.  It is so painful, but we’ve seen amazing blessings come in trusting God with everything(including the things we always took for granted).  There is true peace in trusting God.  He is worthy of our trust.  He sustains all life, and gave his own to demonstrate his love for us.  Lord, help us trust your goodness!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us, and for your prayers.  We feel them!  Please comment, and let us know how we can pray for you.  Email us directly, if there is something personal/confidential you’d like prayer for.  We love you and miss you!!


Nathan and Megan

PS–We’ll always include something fun in our blogs.  We had our first visitor!  Diane Johnson(Megan’s co-worker from William Smith High School)passed through last week on her way to WI for a wedding.  Not only did she stop in, but she brought a gift!  William Smith gave Megan a “going away gift” that is wonderful.  Megan and her students made some beautiful pieces of art that the school is auctioning off.  The staff gifted Megan with this:


9 Responses to New Shoes

  1. Ash says:

    I am so proud of you guys. What an incredible impact you’re making in the lives of those around you. I like this whole theme of shoes and how it correlates with themes in Scripture. It’s crazy how much Christ talks about “walking” with one another. If a Roman soldier asks you to walk with him one mile, go two. Sometimes a simplest act of selflessness manifests as a changed heart and life. Everyday that Denny puts on his shoes he’ll be reminded that someone cares about him. Who doesn’t deserve to know and feel that daily? I love the stories. Keep them coming.

  2. Regina says:

    Yes!! I’m thankful that Danny got a new pair of shoes, I’m thankful that Megan got her beautiful piece of art that she created, I had to get the guitar just so you can see it when you come to visit 🙂 And I’m thankful that the world has two great people such as yourselves to spread love to all those you meet!! Miss you both!!!!

  3. Paul G. says:

    Hi, Megan and Nate!
    It looks beautiful there. I am glad that Diane took a little taste of home out to you, and that you got to see a friendly face.

    I’m still sad that you won’t be here when we start next week. Please command Regina to let me take whatever frescoes I need as student examples . . . she seems not to understand that concept and is all complainy about not having enough artwork in the office. Should I offer some of the globes from Kevin’s room? ; )

    Have fun, and know that we are glad you are doing well.


  4. Lee and Maureen says:

    So good to read your update and see all the amazing things you are doing for our Lord. Your faith and trust in our Lord God is an inspiration to us and a reminder of what is truly important! Thank you for serving in the way that He has called you to do. We pray for you and all you touch! God bless you both!

  5. brandi says:

    hi nate and meg,

    jolly just sent me this link so i could read about what you two are up to. just wanted to say hi and i’ve been thinking of you both. thanks for sharing your hearts so honestly.


  6. Isaac Jorgensen says:

    I miss you guys! It’s so good to hear what the Lord is doing…..Sam and I have been talking about how the closer we walk with the Lord the more we get a feeling like skydiving…’s the most exciting thing and terrifying all at the same time! I love you guys and have been praying for you. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Kajsa loves you both and misses your presence.

  7. Hope Coulter says:

    Oh man, I love you guys. Trust in the Lord with your WHOLE HEART, and lean not on your own understanding…Perfect peace to those whose mind is stayed on Thee, because they trust in You O Lord…Seek first the KINGDOM, and all these things shall be added onto you….

    What promises. I pray they are so real to you.

    much love,

  8. Brenda, Hope's Mom says:

    OOOOO, how fun to hear from you!!!! At this moment I am thanking Our Lord for “new shoes” God’s angel put those “new shoes ” on the porch! How faithful our Lord is. He loves to give his kids new shoes. God gave me new shoes, they are perfect for the narrow road. You guys rock, I love to run too!!!! The trail looks so inviting. Megan you are so beautiful, I love you both!!! Stay in touch.

  9. Shaul and Em says:

    We really miss you guys! It is so encouraging to see the Lord really use you guys. You are such amazing servants! So glad you are blogging! Oh and Megs, that painting is really neat! What a great gift!

    : )


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