We met “Dee” two weeks ago(we’ll call her Dee to protect her privacy).  Starting with a phone call, Dee explained that she needed to complete 30 hours of community service and wanted to know about serving with the Firehouse.  I worked out some paperwork and details and agreed on a date that she would start.

The first night we met Dee, she walked in with her head down, and fresh, self-inflicted cuts showed, up and down her arms.  She was very shy, and hid her face in her hands most of the night.  It was difficult to connect with her, and you could feel the pain in her heart.

Day by day, Dee has been opening up, and the last few days has been laughing!  She helps with the daily routines of vacuuming and dishes, but there is plenty of time each night to play games. Her personal favorites are Sorry and Uno.

Last night Dee opened up and shared all.  The pain, anger, frustration and fear in her life is unbearable to hear and think about.  We were not created to carry any burdens of that magnitude–especially at 15 years old.  

Dee is not a believer.  We’ve shared that freedom from the bondage of fear, anger, suicide, etc. comes through knowing Jesus Christ.  At this point, she is content to “live how she wants to.”  Our hearts break for Dee.  Many tears have been shed, and many prayers have been lifted up on her behalf.  Although her 30 hours are completed, she has still been coming down for a game of Uno and to visit!

Please join us in prayer for Dee.  She is beautiful, and is a gifted artist.  May she know true Peace and the Giver of life!


Nathan & Megan


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