Potential financial blessing for Firehouse

There is a group here in Sioux Falls that helps raise money for non-profits in the city.  Millions of dollars are put into this fund and distributed to different non-profit groups as they are led.  This year, the Firehouse Underground was invited to be a part of this effort.  Please be in prayer as this could bring in much needed finances for the ministry.  We trust God alone, and are honored for the invitation.  Please read the write up that will go out to the community about the Firehouse:

Hidden in the basement of the Gourley Building in downtown Sioux Falls, lives a coffeehouse ministry called Firehouse Underground.  Designed as a gathering place for youth & young adults, its’ nightly purpose is to be a positive place to hang out, offering live music, free popcorn, & a wide assortment of games to play.  Because Firehouse was founded by caring people who love Jesus Christ as their Lord, a strong emphasis on the needs and brokenness of their guests birthed a style of ministry that can be described as relationship-driven.  Business is done with a listening ear, investing time in those who come, and accepting them as they are.  Hope is found in prayer, so in the midst of the humanity that comes, prayer thrives.  Subsequently, a new ministry of Firehouse has emerged.  UHOP, or Underground House of Prayer, operates in the rear of Firehouse and serves as a place of retreat for prayer, meditation, worship, and intercession.  As a valid contributor to the quality of our city, Firehouse Underground mixes fun through fellowship with compassion for the wounded with the end result being a better world in which to live.

Thank you for your prayers!  

Nate and Megan

Firehouse Underground
400 N. Main
Sioux Falls, SD  57104


One Response to Potential financial blessing for Firehouse

  1. Nate says:

    Praying for you guys. Go big. 1 Cor.15:58.

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