Friend to a lonely man

I had a moment with Sam(not his real name) a few weeks ago.  Sam is a 42 year old man that is very lonely.  He is single, lives alone(in the same apartment for 18 years), eats fast food every meal, and has several illnesses.  He comes down to the Firehouse a few nights a week.  He is a precious man.  It is hard to sit and talk with him at times because he can TALK!  Sometimes a 15 minute conversation can turn into 2 hours.  As we talked, he opened up and shared about his childhood.  How he has been ill with many different things his whole life.  He was made fun of constantly by peers and never had friends.  His entire school career was a living hell.  I realized as I sat with him that I was one of his only friends.  I had such an overwhelming sense of peace in that moment.  I knew that I was in the exact, dead-center of God’s will at that moment.  There was no other place on the planet at the moment that I needed to be.  Just to be a friend to a lonely man.  


One Response to Friend to a lonely man

  1. SH says:

    I just watched the movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and was doing some research on the internet afterwards about some things in the movie. In the movie he was ostracized because he was gay and had AIDS. Reading this post about just talking to a lonely man, you are very right. I often want a fantastic huge ministry. Something like Joyce Meyer has. The Lord has told me that many people would love to have a ministry like that and he wouldn’t have a hard time filling those slots. But where he needs help is in the every day situations and that is where he has a hard time finding people because no one is willing to to so called waste their time doing what seems like menial ministry. That lonely man is why we have God. God so love the world. Not God so loved those with big ministries. God loves the small town people, the small daily events in life. Sure he loves the big ministries too, but the most important thing is love and showing love to that lonely man is harder at times than being in front of a crowd giving a speech. God bless you.

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