Moby Lives!!

Five years ago, Foolish Things purchased a 2001, Ford E-350 van.  This van was an incredible blessing to us.  We traveled back and forth across the country numerous times, and the van never once broke down, or didn’t start.  It has survived a full-on wreck, and many bangs and bumps in our travels.  The Lord’s blessing was on the van!  Somewhere along the way, it got named Moby.


238,000 miles later, the van is still kicking!  Megan and I were blessed to be able to bring Moby to SD with us.  It helped us move our stuff–saved us having to rent a moving truck, and it is still being used in the Lord’s service.  The van has been used on mission trips, youth group events in Minneapolis, and several trips to IHOP in Kansas City.  

Moby has been a blessing to many lives, and will continue to be used for work in God’s kingdom.  All of us in Foolish Things had some of our most precious moments in this van.  The blessing continues.



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