Stories of Movement (part 1)

God is moving.  He is orchestrating events, and softening hearts all over the country.  As I hear of this movement, I will post blogs to highlight the excitement.  

I received an email a few days ago from a friend that booked Foolish Things up in Northeast Colorado.  Tim and his family are wonderful people.  Please read what the Lord is doing in their lives:

Just today I was thinking about how amazing God works in my life.  To share a great example of how amazing God is, Jess and I have been talking about doing foster care for some time.  For the last year we had classes set up to make that all happen but for some reason or another we did not  make them.  In early Oct. they had classes near our home town so we took them.  We just felt this urgency to get all of it done.  We did it all in 2 weeks. On Nov. 5th we had our final home inspection.  The lady had just finished telling us that they had no kids available right now, but it was good we had all the stuff done.  Not ten minutes later her phone rang, they had an emergency placement for 3 siblings.  If they could not find a home that met all the requirements,
they would split them up.  Jess looked at me I looked at her and we said that’s a call from GOD.. so for the last month we have been caring for a 2 and a half yr old girl an 11month old girl  and a one month old  boy…… plus our son  who is 4.
Nate if you do the math the baby was born on the day we started the all the classes, WOW!  GOD knew these kids would need a safe home.  AWESOME!!

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