Housing Update

What an amazing week of change we’ve had!  One week ago, we got a knock on our door, and it was the owner of the house that we were house sitting.  Things in Houston, TX were quite a bit different than they were expecting and ended up moving back to Sioux Falls.  They are needing to get renters into the home as soon as possible to cover the mortgage, so we moved on Saturday back into the McCombers home.  

We are so blessed.  A couple weeks prior to all this happening, God was preparing us for this sudden move.  In several conversations leading up to the change, God was filling our hearts with trust, and faith.  He knew we needed it!  

We are planning on doing a new home tour when we got a few more things unpacked.  Be on the lookout for that video!  We love you all.


6 Responses to Housing Update

  1. James says:

    I guess getting too comfortable wasn’t in the works. Love you guys. Thanks for the updates

  2. Grandma says:

    Sorry this happened to you. I can’t help wishing you were home with a job.

    Love you and am concerned in many ways about you.

    Love always, Grandma

    • nateandmegan says:

      Hey Grandma! It’s amazing how little things that come our way show us what abundant life truly is. All things are an opportunity to trust Him, and we are so thankful. We miss and love you too.

  3. Ike and Kaji says:

    Hard to argue with the Lord! We know He will be faithful to you as you are faithful to Him. May the Lord bless you with all that brings TRUE blessing! We love you guys.

  4. Clay says:

    You have a job and you are doing it.

    Miss Ya, Love Ya!!!!!!!!
    March On.

  5. Mike McComber says:

    New home tour, o no. Does this mean we have to clean the house? OK, “Loni and Corey, quick throw everything in the furnace room.” What may appear to many as bad new we see as a true blessing. We are delighted to have you back.

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