Adoption Thoughts from Sue McComber

Indulge me to share a personal matter with you.  As an infant, my biological mother did what she had to do at the time, and gave me up for adoption.  I do not condemn her, but rather thank her for giving me life.  Because of her love and sacrifice, I was adopted into a family that was rooted deeply in the Christian faith.  I am Native American, yet was raised in an all-white household.  I believe I have been set apart.  For greatness?  No, but as one who would pray to GOD for great things.  I marvel that the LORD took me out of a setting of oppression to equip me with a foundation in Him so that I could in turn, reclaim my heritage at a later time and intercede for my people.  

I share all that to say this:  We know and love a young couple who have a deep desire to adopt a child.  Everything we know about them says that they would be amazing parents.  The only obstacle in fulfilling this very personal calling is funds.  So we are dedicating this weeks’ Spaghetti Feed to them: all funds raised go to them.  For there is a wide-eyed little boy who has been set apart in their eyes, as their future son.  Is he being set apart for greatness?  Only the LORD knows his destiny, but if his story is anything like mine, GOD has a plan for this boy to do great things for the Kingdom because of two people who want to invest their life, their love, and their faith into him.  Help make this possible…come share a meal with us on Thursday night to benefit a boys’ destiny. 

Romans 8:15-16   

HIS child, Sue McComber


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