Firehouse Annual Dinner Fundraiser


6th & Main, Sioux Falls


  • Saturday, April 25th, 2009
  • Serving Buffet Style 12pm – 8pm
  • $10/ Adult
  • $5/ Kids 10 and Under
  • Menu:
    Roast Beef
    Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
    Vegetable & Dinner Roll

Celebrating 7 years of ministry to the youth, the Church, and a broad spectrum of the lost, as safe gathering place for conversation, acceptance, and prayer.

**Please call to purchase tickets, or if you’d be interested in helping with ticket distribution.  For anyone outside of the Sioux Falls area, this is our annual event that we use to bring in finances for the ministry.  If the Lord leads you to donate, please mail a check made out to Firehouse Underground to:

Firehouse Underground
400 N. Main
Sioux Falls, SD  57105

Please call with any questions or would like to inquire about the specific needs of the ministry.  Thank you for your support!



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