March Spaghetti Fundraiser

March 19th, 2009, the Firehouse had the privilege to be a part of an amazing night to help raise funds for a family battling cancer.  Not only were funds raised, selling over 150 meals, but God’s Presence was there.  Please read the thoughts of Denise Kjesbo from The Point Is To Serve church:

 The fundraiser for the VanderPoel family was an incredible evening!  “How great is our God” . . . I just keep singing that song in praise to You, Lord. 

 I got down to the Firehouse Underground at 5:30 and the place was already packed – it began at 5:00 pm.   There was a buzz of excitement and energy in the air that was amazing!  There were Point people there being the church, all of Kim’s family was there – loving on Kim and witnessing the church BEING the church, there were people from Luverne and people from workplaces of Kim and Ferlin, and people who come down for the spaghetti dinners at the Firehouse who had no idea who Kim was!  It was this amazing mix of those who are Jesus followers and those who have wanted nothing to do with the church.  I couldn’t help but think that God was smiling upon this party – a Matthew’s party indeed (Mt 9:9-13)  – a place of blessing with no expectation of return, a place of abundance, a place where God’s name was lifted up and honored, a place of service, a place of overflowing grace and love that can only come from God!  It was a “Great Banquet” indeed (Lk 14:15-24). 

Here is a video and photos from the party and silent auction:




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