The Feast Praise Report!


On Saturday, July 18th, a free gift of love was presented to the Native American community.  This gift was in the form of a feed, which also included music, testimonies, and activities for the kids.  We named it The Feast, and planned enough food for 500, yet were not prepared in our hearts for the massive response.  We served Indian tacos, potato salad, baked beans, and soda pop.  Even though we ran out of some items, there was enough food to continue until the last person came through, 650 meals served!

Something I am still wrestling with is the issue of identity.  One of our concerns lay with the mindset that one cannot be loyal to being Native American and still embrace Christianity as a lifestyle.  This is a tough hurdle to overcome for some.  With this in mind, we prayed hard that resistance to this issue would be minimal.  The Lord is faithful…for what was apparent to us all was the spirit of love and peace that came to rest upon our guests.  There was genuine appreciation that was expressed over and over again as people said to us “Thank you!  Thank you!”  Walls of self protection came down as people ate, socialized, and sat in the midst of music or spoken word that exalted Jesus.  I saw face after face, by the dozen, of people who slowly came to realize that something good was happening, and they were grateful.

We lived out Luke 14:12-14 to the glory of God.  The Lord is coming back again someday, and His Word says that He is coming for a pure and spotless bride.  Psalm 2:8 says He is to receive nations as His inheritance.  What was done through The Feast was a first step toward reaching out to a nation that Jesus wants to claim as His!  Our guests were sought out and invited as we genuinely wanted to honor them.  Their responses confirmed for us that love was given and love was received.

Thank you to all who prayed.  Thank you to our volunteers, staff, and those who donated funds toward this effort.  Thank you to those on stage who shared the Gospel through word or song.  And a special thank you Valentino’s, Minnehaha Country Club, and The Banquet whose contributions towards the food prep made it all possible.  We still have a need for $1200 in funds to help pay the expenses of The Feast.  If you are so led, we would welcome your help in this way.  What an amazing outreach this was!  We are fulfilled in so many ways, yet know the call to reach out to the Native American community has just begun, so stay tuned!


CLICK HERE to listen to Mike and Sue McComber share about the Feast and the Firehouse Ministry.  Recorded on 7/19/09 at First Baptist Church in Sioux Falls, SD.



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