The mercy and grace of Jesus

I sat with a broken, hurting alcoholic tonight, and he shared with me about his day.  His day started like any other day, getting up and getting going with the daily routines.  Shortly after he woke, his door knocked with a friend that had booze.  The rest of his day was spent in a blur, staggering around town, and looking for a meal.  After receiving a meal at a local church, he stopped in at the Firehouse for a cup of coffee.  He shared with me that as he walked to the Firehouse he cried and asked God to forgive him for getting drunk again.  Before he finished praying, the Lord showed him that it was already taken care of–Jesus forgave him fully and completely.  He shared his hatred for alcohol and what it has done to his life, but hasn’t been able to fully break free.

Following Jesus is not about being perfect, but about turning back to Him quickly to receive His love and gift of forgiveness.  How much time have I wasted wallowing in shame, when it’s already taken care of?


One Response to The mercy and grace of Jesus

  1. Leah Beasley says:

    Im so happy to see that Dane has such a wonderful home now.
    We recently had a visit to South Dakota. My husband was adopted from there. So when my father-n-law passed recently he had asked to have his ashes spread over the black hills. He had loved it when he was there before.
    I hope your journey threw this adoption goes well for you guys. We are at the end of ours and we are about to travel to bring 3 special needs babies home!! We will pray for you guys along the way!

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