Mark Labriola on American Idol

Most of you know Mark Labriola, but in case you don’t know, he was the singer/songwriter for the band Foolish Things.  Foolish Things had the opportunity to minister to thousands of youth in worship and outreach concerts all across the USA.  We are so proud of him for passing through to Hollywood.  Watch his audition here, and be sure to cast your vote!


7 Responses to Mark Labriola on American Idol

  1. Brian Larson says:

    That’s awesome! Go Mark! We are now going to be watching Amer Idol just to vote for him!!

  2. Hope Coulter says:

    You rock Mark. He’s got good plans for you. Your family is beautiful!

  3. Weize Anne Wright( Kassy's mom) says:

    That was fabulous!! So excited for you!!! It made me cry. We’ll be praying for you!!!!

  4. Dawn Phillips says:

    okay, this is the only time I wish we had T.V.!! We ran down to my moms house to watch and it was so exciting! Go Mark! We are praying for you!

  5. Kelley Sneve says:

    I watched this on Tuesday and again last night when I got home (I had it recorded). American Idol is my guilty pleasure. Now I’m really going to be a fanatic! Go Mark! Way potential! Plus what a cool last name.

  6. Clint says:

    I don’t watch AI, but Nate… keep us updated!

  7. HELEN says:


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