Adoption Update: 2 Monthsish

We received news this week that paperwork for our adoption is taking longer than they originally thought.  The adoption officials in Eastern Europe are thinking we are about 2 months out before we get a travel date.  When we first got this news, we were devastated.  It is so hard to realize that everyday that passes is another day that our little one is getting less attention than he deserves.  He is in the Lord’s hands, and we cover him in prayer everyday, but we just can’t wait to love on him!  (Sorry for the vague descriptions of “him” and “them”–we can’t be too specific in this process until everything is finalized)

What we are learning:
Throughout our adoption, we’ve been anchoring our expectation in on dates that they are telling us.  We’ll get word, “you should be traveling in February.”  When that doesn’t happen, we get heartbroken, bummed and confused.  The Lord is showing us that He is the only one/thing that we should anchor our hope into.  He won’t let us down, and whether the adoption is completed in 2 weeks, or 2 years, our hope is secure, and we won’t be blown and tossed by any wind or update.  With this revelation, we are asking for grace to walk it out!


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