Songs for a movement of Justice

Benjamin Nolot - DirectorFight Songs for the Movement
The New Exodus Cry CD

I’ve noticed something about music, and I’m surprised it hadn’t struck me sooner. Sports teams play their “fight songs” to rally their supporters around a single cause––their team’s victory. To these songs, fans hail their team’s competitors in hopes of triumph. The music becomes their battle cry.

For too long, the music realm has been congested with songs that objectify and depreciate women. Our nation has sung songs that glorify sex and promiscuity. We have rallied behind these things through music, whether we were conscious of it or not. It is high time for a new song to arise. In the arena of justice, it is time to exalt our mighty Champion Jesus, the Just One, as He fights for justice for the oppressed. Him we must hail in the clash for justice––not a politician, NGO, or reformer.

Music is one of the tools God will use to connect our hearts to the justice movement. That’s why we’re releasing our own version of “fight songs” in the new CD Hold On: Songs from the Nefarious Documentary. The anthems on this CD do more than raise awareness of the issue; they point our hearts to the solution, Christ Jesus.  As we exalt Jesus, the Judge of the earth, through singing, our hearts will be knit to His purposes. We will be quickened to righteousness and impassioned for the desires of Jesus.

Hold On is set to release this Thanksgiving (November 25th, 2010), ironically the only day on the calendar as equally famous for football as feasting. I hope the CD will inspire you to see Jesus triumph over evil on the earth, releasing God’s justice for the oppressed.


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