Zadok Asa has arrived!!

Zadok Asa Phillips

Born: December 14th, 2010
7 lbs 11 ounces
21 inches long

Zadok Asa is beautiful, and is doing great!!  Megan had a wonderful delivery, and is recovering well.  Enjoy the photos:

Malachi w/ Grandma Maxine


29 Responses to Zadok Asa has arrived!!

  1. Chandler Jo says:

    Congratulations!! beautiful little man!!
    great, strong name.

  2. Shelley says:

    What a handsome little guy!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Jen Stef says:

    He is SO CUTE!!! And Megan, you look great! I am so happy your family is expanding so quickly! What sweet little blessings you have!!

  4. Tammy says:

    How sweet! Congratulations!!! What a beautiful family!!

  5. Brad says:


    Enjoy him in this stage, it won’t be long before he’s wrestling on the floor with Malachi! 🙂

  6. pennie says:

    oh what a beautiful blessing! nate he looks like you!! and malachi is amazing! blessings, ps 91

  7. Adam says:

    Congratulations Nate and Megan! The Phillip’s household has three new faces since I was there last! Awesome! God’s blessings to you all. Thanks for posting.

  8. Isaac says:

    Congrats! He is beautiful you guys. Totally looks like a Phillips. Love you guys, praise the Lord it went so well.

  9. Rebekah says:

    Yay! Congratulations! He totally looks like his mommy and daddy:)Can’t wait to see you guys!

  10. Hope says:

    OH joy overflowing!! I wish I could be there to help Megan. Im looking foward to details when you feel up to it. Children are a heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb are a reward. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! Good work Nate!

    love you guys.

  11. Emily says:

    HE IS AMAZING!!! Looks so much like you Nate!

  12. WOW,
    Congradulations!!! God is sooooo good. What a beautiful family you have. The Lord has blessed you greatly! We love you guys and look very forward to seeing you and meeting those adorable little boys! Megan you look great!!! Nate you look great to says Norm 🙂 Love & miss you.

  13. Nancy DeFurio says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Oh, the things your parents never tell you about the BIG event of a birth:-) Love the pictures…beautiful baby, grateful parents, and precious grandma/big brother enjoying a relaxing rock. God has truly blessed you all.

  14. […] We have lots more pictures of this cutie on our other blog.  You can see those here: […]

  15. Mary Beth says:

    Hello all ,
    Zadok is beautiful!!!!! Congrats to you and your new beautiful family!!! Malachi is going to have soooo much fun with his little brother. Enjoy every minute of this magical time. Lots of love from the Spicers

    PS: Please tell Grandma Maxine she is as beautiful as I remember her! XO MB

  16. Shirley says:

    We are so happy for you and thankful that all went well. Can’t wait to see you all in person!!

  17. angie says:


    You have two beautiful little blessings!

    Stay warm, its cold out here in Sioux falls!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  18. Christian & LaDora says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful boy! Glad all is well. Malachi is so cute!

  19. Weize Anne says:

    We are so happy for ya’ll!!!!He is beautiful!!!
    Can’t wait to meet him in person!!
    Aunty Weize Anne and Uncle Don

  20. Dot Pogue says:

    OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!! I can’t believe it! I am so excited! This is fantastic! I am so glad it is over and that everything went well. I love you guys! Can’t wait to see him! YEAH!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!

  21. Breteni says:

    Congratulations!! I am so happy the delivery went well… give them both lots of smooches!

  22. Aunt Peg says:

    OH my dear Megan, What a great job you did. He’s a really a big baby for your little body just like Mary Beth had. He’s so sweet and I can tell that daddy is sooooooooooo proud.

    Malachi now has another thing to do not only keeping mommy and daddy happy but his little brother too.

    Aunt Peg is going shopping!! Any special requests let me know.

    Again Congratulations you sweet family,

    Aunt Peg and Uncle Ed

  23. Jerry Mootz says:

    Now we can see why God considers each of His children
    to be gifts. You can see it in your faces. You guys are awesome parents. You take after your heavenly Father!!

  24. Kristin says:

    I am so happy for you guys!! What a cutie.

    God Bless,

  25. Joy says:

    We are so excited for you all!!! Children are indeed a blessing, all of their years:), and we are grateful to God for his handiwork. Love you so much.

  26. Lori Johnson says:

    Oh, you guys! he is so beautiful!! I think he looks like daddy. Hope he’s sweet like mommy. And I could literally squeeze little Malachi till his cute little head pops off!! He is killing me with his adorablishness(yes, that is totally a word)! We love you guys and good job on the baby- and big Bro!! Lori:)

  27. Way to go, Guys! Looks like both of you, but I definitely see Nate in Zadok Asa. Cool name! Congratulations on your newest addition to your blossoming family!

    Gregg <

  28. Brenda- Hope's Mom says:

    Hello beautiful ones!! I am soooo excited for you!! He is so cute!! our lord is truly amazing!! I will be praying for sleep for you!! love you, Brenda

  29. Mike & Kristi Caulley says:

    Congratulations you guys! So excited for you! We pray you guys are doing well.

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