Life Necklaces

Welcome to our LIFE Necklace online store!! All of the funds that are raised through these necklaces with go toward our adoption of little Dane in Serbia!

There are two different styles–Beaded LIFE, and James 1:27. Click on either photo to get color and ordering info:

Beaded LIFE Necklace

Beaded LIFE Necklace

James 1:27 Necklace

James 1:27 Necklace

These were designed and handmade by Megan Phillips. AMAZING!!


4 Responses to Life Necklaces

  1. Renae Couch says:

    I would love to adopt off Reeces Rainbow but I cant afford too so I will help you help Dane! He’s so lucky to have you!! I was so happy to see he found a family. Please email me I would love to buy a necklace to help out. Just send me an adress to mail my check or do you want a money order from my bank?

  2. i would love to buy a few of these necklaces… let me know.

  3. Sheila De Jong says:

    I would love to order one of the beaded necklaces to help you in your adoption.

    • nateandmegan says:

      Hi Sheila,
      Thank you for your interest and your willingness to help–it is a huge blessing! At the top of our blog is a button/page called “Life Necklaces.” Please go there and shoot me another email with what style/color you’d like. There are payment options described there as well. We can do Paypal or pay by check. Thanks!

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