$15 Each

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Ordering Info:
To order any items from this online store, please send an email to nathan@firehouseministry.com, and include:

1.  What items you want, and quantity of each.  Please include style (JAMES 1:27 or Beaded LIFE), and color/item #.
2.  Please include how you want to pay–either by check or Paypal.

*If you pay by check, I’ll respond by email with who to make the check to, where to mail it, and the total needed.  If by Paypal, you will receive an invoice from Paypal to send the funds.  All items will be shipped when payment is received.  $2 shipping will be included per order (even if you order 100 items!).  Feel free to contact me by email with any questions.  Thank you so much!!**


One Response to JAMES 1:27 NECKLACE

  1. Brenda, Hope's Mom says:

    Hello friends,
    I am soooo excited for you!! Wow!! I want to send you a check. Where do I send it to? I will be “Grandma B” to your new one and will remember him in my prayers. I love you both and am so very proud of you both. Yea for God’s amazing mercy.

    Love you,

    Brenda Hope’s Mom

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